MissingDuck and The Ducklings

The puzzles on this page were set by students of FullDeck and Missing a Few Cards. The name "Ducklings" was chosen by the Fall 2022 class: the first puzzle they set was set collaboratively with the whole class suggesting constraints. The result was rather messy looking, and had yellow lines throughout the grid. They decided it looked like an ugly duckling and the name MissingDuck and the Ducklings came to be. Although neither they nor their subsequent puzzles are ugly, the name stuck! Duckling puzzles on this page have been thoroughly tested, just as with any MissingDeck puzzle. All puzzles published here are done so with permission of the constructors, who retain copyright to their own puzzles. We are still adding puzzles to the archive since the new website was built; we have well over 100 still to go so check back soon!